Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency within homes, offices and public buildings has become a critical concern for individuals, businesses and governments everywhere, so it’s not surprising that Ecologically Sustainable Design (ESD) is progressively becoming a mandatory requirement throughout Australia for new developments and construction.

ESD is not about particular building products or about good design – It is about a ‘synergy’ of products and design working together.

David Baillie Architect is a specialist in the field of ESD or “Green Building” and adopts the basic principals in every project. Those principals are:


The direction in which a building, wall or window faces has a huge impact on whether a room is ‘naturally’ cooler in summer and ‘naturally’ warmer in winter.


Smart design combined with the use of the right materials allows a building to ‘self-regulate’ its inside temperature throughout the year. The result is a significant reduction in the need for heaters, coolers and air-conditioners.


All materials have the ability to store heat. Some store heat well such as stone, brick and concrete, while other materials such as timber and plasterboard are more inclined to reflect heat.

An energy efficient design incorporates the correct materials in the right place to not only enhance your lifestyle but also reduce heating and cooling costs.


These days, insulation has moved well beyond simply putting ‘pink batts’ in the ceiling. Energy efficient homes, offices and public buildings utilise many clever ways of creating barriers between heat and cold.


Direct sunlight can generate the same amount of heat as a single bar radiator over each square meter of surface, therefore effective sun control is essential in energy efficient homes, office and public buildings.


We all have a responsibility to be as efficient as possible in a country that is one of the driest in the world.


There is an amazing array of new building materials and products now on the market to help create your energy efficient building, enhance your lifestyle, save you money and help protect our environment.